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Recruiter Tools and Resources

New to recruiting? Forming or expanding your department? Want to add value to your organization? Then these recruiter tools and resources are for YOU! 

The resources and tools match topics with available resources in the AAPPR catalogue. As you use these tools and resources, please let us know how we can make this better for you, a valued AAPPR member! 

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Announcement – New Physician

Article: Physicians – How to get the Job You Want

Onsite Interview Checklist

Credentialing – Cover Letter

Credentialing – Documentation List - 1

Credentialing – Documentation List - 2

Employed Physician

Onboarding – New Hire Checklist for Preceptors

Onboarding Description

Onboarding Survey

Onboarding Checklist

Orientation – Documents for New Hires

Orientation – Introductions for New Hires – Sample Itinerary

Orientation – Physician Orientation Schedule

Orientation – Schedule for Physicians

Orientation Checklist

Candidate Declination Letter

Form – Executive Screening for Recruiters

Form – Physician Screening for Recruiters - 1

Form – Physician Screening for Recruiters - 2

Form – Physician Screening for Recruiters - 3

Form – Interview Evaluation Form

Form – Prospective Physician Information Form

Form – Physician Progression Form

Hiring Chief-manager Screening

Interview Do's and Don'ts

Interview Prep – Questions an Interviewer May be Asked

Interview Questions – Behavioral Based Interview Questions

Interview Questions – Physician Interview Questions

Interview Questions – Program Director

Itinerary Sample

Questionnaire – Site visit information questionnaire

Rejection Letter Sample - 1

Rejection Letter Sample - 2

Survey – Candidate Evaluation for Interviewers - 1

Survey – Candidate Evaluation for Interviewers - 2

Survey – Candidate Visit

Survey – Physician Satisfaction

Survey – Post Interview Evaluation

Survey – Recruitment Evaluation for Candidates

Survey – Recruitment Evaluation for Hiring Managers

Survey – Site Visit Evaluation for Candidates

Template: Letter Outlining Travel Arrangements

Template – Physician screening template